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Career Videos and Resources

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Career Resources


2008-2009 PA Career Guide--Info on careers in PA, including salary and demand information.


PA Occupational Outlook Handbook--divided into several career clusters.


Parent's Guide to Career Exploration--from PA Department of Education (PDF)


PA Career Zone--Career assessment tools and guidance in developing a career plan.


Career Assessments and Inventories--links to a wide variety of assessment tools that students can use to identify interests and link to careers.


Create a Customized Career Profile--select the industry, area of the country, etc. to get customized information on demand, wages, preparation for STEM-related careers.


Informational Interviewing Prep and Questions--download this document to have students conduct informational interviews on careers that interest them.


Informational Interviewing Tutorial--teaches students how to conduct an informational interview.


Job Shadowing Tutorial--spending some time on an employer's worksite is another great way to learn more about career options. This job shadowing tutorial can help get thing started.


Employability Check-up--Answer some key questions on location, educational level, wages you're looking for, etc. to find out how employable you are. Great tool for helping students look at what happens when they get more education or change occupational areas.


STEM Career Awareness Resources--a huge list of resources put together by Baltimore County Schools.



STEM Occupations: High Tech Jobs for a High Tech Economy--from the Occupational Outlook Handbook (PDF)


Financial Aid Advisor and Scholarship Search--Can you afford college? These tools can help you locate the resources you need to pay for post-secondary education.


STEM Career Videos

All of these career videos were developed specifically for STEM careers in Pennsylvania. The first healthcare careers video was developed in Delaware County.


These videos can be a great introduction to various STEM-related careers that may interest students. They can be viewed together as a class or you can have students review them individually based on their interests.


Some potential questions for discussion include:

  • What jobs seem interesting and why?
  • How do these jobs relate to my interests? How do they relate to my talents and what I think I do well?
  • What do I like about the work environments I saw in the videos? What don't I like about them?
  • What kinds of educational preparation and background do I need to get a job in this field?
  • Now that I've seen these videos, what else do I want to know about these careers?



 Healthcare Careers in PA


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Biomedical Careers in PA


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Advanced Manufacturing and Applied Engineering Careers in Pennsylvania


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Technology Careers in Pennsylvania

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Food Industry Careers in Pennsylvania

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