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Energy and Green Careers

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Energy and "Green" Careers

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Preparing the Workforce for a Green Jobs Future (PDF)--an issues brief on green jobs prepared by the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University;


Green Collar Jobs Campaign Teaching Tools--a five-part series designed for use in high school classrooms. Ranging from one to three class periods in length, these interactive activities explore key themes surrounding Green-Collar Jobs Campaign's work, including: the green economy, eco-equity and eco-privilege, model cities, and restorative justice.


Clean Energy for the 21st Century--multimedia collection on clean energy in Pennsylvania.


Multi-disciplinary Lesson Plans from the Alliance to Save Energy


Wind Web Tutorial--learn all about wind technologies.


Alternative Energy Lesson Plans and Resources--from Pennsylvania


Renewable Energy Careers--information on careers specifically geared toward youth


World Without Oil--an "alternate reality game" that simulates what it would be like if the world had to do without oil today. From PBS. Includes an Independent Study track and a classroom track.


The Future of Energy--videos featuring different energy experts sharing what they believe about the future of energy.


 Follow Green Jobs on Twitter-- Learn more about green jobs through these Twitter users.


Green Jobs and Careers on Yahoo--get an idea of the latest openings in green jobs.






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